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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Not Over

I really thought that it was over on my previous entry.

I was wrong.

It was not over as I thought it should have been.

I really thought that I could finally take a break and have a good holiday with my family.

I was wrong.

More scripts to mark. It was EET669. The writing and the speaking recordings need to be evaluated too.

So,I decided to complete 'everything' before going for a 'break'.

Yes, everything in inverted coma as I know that it's impossible to complete 'everything' before going for a break. So, I had completed all that I needed to do.

The next task to be completed is setting of the final exam questions.

Last week, I got my new timetable for this semester.

10 classes to teach for this semester and 3 codes to teach.

1. ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading - 3 classes
2. ELC590 English for Oral Presentations - 4 classes
3.EWC661 English Report Writing - 3 classes

So,here I am. Blogging again to declutter my mind.
I have 2 days left to make preparation for the next semester.
The first class of the next semester begins this Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

Okay,let's print out all the attendance lists first!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

First Reflection of 2017

It's Thursday afternoon and very quiet. Nobody is around. I can only hear the chirping of the birds and the sound of the air-conditioner and my own typing at the keyboard of this computer. It has been a while since I've done any reflections on my teaching.

Oh yes! The semester has ended. I feel somewhat numb from the flooding loads of work that had to be completed last week.

It's over? I can't believe it is over!

My family and I actually stayed and slept in my office for 2 nights last week as we could not go home because of the flood that blocked the way to our home. I did not sleep as I was completing the uploading of the marks for all my 9 classes of 5 different codes.

Feeling overwhelmed. I just need to pour my reflection here to unload some of my thoughts that have been playing in my mind. Facebook updates have not been enough.

I need to spring-clean my room too. Need to get rid of those papers that are no longer necessary to be kept.

To be continued.

Going home.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Classes and Students

 My classes for semester September 2016-January 2017

1. ELC500 English for Academic Reading JBM2403E-34
2. ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2401B-38
3. ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2421B-35
4. EWC661 English for Report Writing JBM 2494A-28
5. ELC650 English for Professional Interaction JBM2514A - 30
6. ELC590 English for Oral Presentations JBM2403C-21
7. ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2423B-19
8 .ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2401A 28
9.ELC650 English for Professional Interaction JBM2424C - 23

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Classes and Students

 My classes for semester March 2016-July 2016

1.ELC590 English for Oral Presentations JBM 2423B- 25 
2.EWC661 English for Report Writing JBM 2494B-28
3.EWC661 English for Report Writing JBM2424A - 31
4.ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JIM2463A - 20
5.ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2423C - 32
6.EWC661 English for Report Writing JBM2404 - 33
7.ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading JBM2523A-34
8.ELC590 English for Oral Presentations JBM2403C-35

Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Special Break Activity

It has been a very quiet week when the students are on their special one week break. I could have taken a break too but I have decided not to so that I can look at finalizing the on-going assessment marks for my two classes of 47 students from my BEL499 classes. For the whole week, I've looked at my students work with less distractions as I did not have to go to classes to teach or allow my students to see me for personal or group consultations. I specifically focus on my 2 classes of Degree in Accounting students this week.

The tedious part has been to look at the e-Portfolio as I had to go to the links one by one and go through each one before deciding on the marks. I'd love to give 'excellent' grades to everyone but that won't be fair to those who had gone the extra miles preparing their sites. A lot of information can be discovered from their portfolios. It's not just about the content. The way everything is put together can portray the personality of that person. Besides the language element, I also looked at how my students used images and styles in creating this very important document.

In this situation, the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" cannot be applied.
You are going to be judged by what is shown. You will be judged whether you will fit in to be the member of the professional bodies. In this case, will you fit in to hold the image of an accountant?    

One of the criteria that I looked at was how my students organised their certificates. Although certificates might be easily accessible in their physical folders and files, it might be difficult if they had not been consistent in updating the files. Some students just scanned the documents and put them on the websites without proper labeling and order. Some had just selected a few and left the most important ones like the academic transcripts and their diploma certificates. Without proper labeling, you are asking the readers/interviewers to guess.

Okay, I better stop rambling now. What I wanted to share today is that I managed to achieve my goal for this week,that is to complete 'keying in the on-going assessments marks' for BEL499.

So, what's left for the next two weeks is to complete doing the Evaluation 2, the Hiring Interview sessions. At least for this subject!

I have 6 classes of EWC661 to evaluate too.

Besides teaching and evaluating, the setting and vetting of exam questions are also in progress in between and overlapping with other tasks yet to be completed.

So, there goes 'My Special Break Activity'.

P/S: Lecturers don't necessarily go for a break when their students are having theirs.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Student Learning Time

After 2 months of blogging on my teaching activities and reflections,I began to question myself on the purpose and the effectiveness of using my blog to help my students.

The reason I started blogging again after about 5 years of not writing anything is so that my blog can be the platform for me to share additional materials for reference since I only meet each class less than 2 hours per week. It's week 12 this week. 2 more weeks to end the semester.

However,I found that they had not been referring to my blog or the suggested links that can help them to create the questionnaires or interviews for their report writing classes. I found out when they failed to write based on the materials that I have shared. I also shared several You Tube links for them to watch the demonstrations

Initially, I thought that using blog and Facebook,it can attract them to be more involved in their learning process. I also use Instagram to capture their weekly attendance. I discovered later that some students refused to even open a Facebook account. I use Facebook to give quick public announcement to all my classes. I have a total of 8 classes this semester.

Besides that, I also gave them several options to reach me.
1. In class
2. In my room
3. Text message
4. Whatsapp
5. Email
6. Google Drive
7. i-Learn
8. Facebook
9. Instagram

I wanted to provide variety in my teaching techniques and tools to cater for different learning styles.
In my first class, I shared course information,weekly schedule,assessment and assignment.
There's also information about the duration of 'Student Learning Time' and 'Lecture Hour'.

Now,the question is "How many students 'responsibly and diligently' follow the 'student learning time' as specified?"

Yes,there's a voice of disappointment there.

Perhaps my expectations are too high for these students who are taking this course not by choice.
What I want to state here is that it is not enough to learn English  language skills in just about 28 hours minus presentations and tests.

It's less than a day!

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!"