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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Evaluating Author's Argument

What is the controversial topic discussed by the author?

Author's argument
What is the author's point of view about the issue?

What are the steps in evaluating the author's argument?

  1. Assumptions-things that the author takes for granted without providing any proof.
  2. Type of support-the kind of evidence the author uses to support the argument
    1. Facts
    2. Expert opinions
    3. Research
    4. Observations
    5. Personal experiences
  3. Relevance of the support-
    1. How relevant is the support?
    2. If it's directly related to the argument, it is relevant.
  4. Objectivity-
    1. The authors argument is objective if they present facts.
    2. If the authors are experts on the topic or issue, then the recommendations are meaningful.
  5. Completeness-
    1. An argument is complete if the author presents enough support and has counter-arguments.
    2. The argument is incomplete if the author does not present the counter-arguments.
  6. Validity-The argument is valid if it is logical and well-reasoned.
  7. Credibility-The argument has credibility if it is believable or convincing.

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